We Strive to Be The Best Consumer Bankruptcy Law Firm in the Los Angeles area

Our law firm is devoted primarily to providing representation to consumers and small businesses in bankruptcy cases in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.  If you need help with debts, give us a call.  

We want to be the best.  That means that we must offer our clients the best service at the best rates.  

If you are considering a bankruptcy case, you need an attorney.  A recent survey found that only about 60% of individuals filing bankruptcy without an attorney received a Chapter 7 discharge and only .4% (four tenths of 1%) of individuals filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy without the assistance of an attorney had their plans confirmed by a bankruptcy judge.  We strive to assist clients in achieving meaningful debt relief.  Between 2010 and 2013, over 99% of our Chapter 7 clients in Los Angeles County received discharges of their debts and over 90% of our Los Angeles County Chapter 13 clients' cases were confirmed.

We have a passion for helping our clients get a fresh start.  Let us help you today.