Karen Recommends Clifford Bordeaux

I'm one of those people that overthinks and over researches everything, so i visited probably 10 or so bankruptcy attorneys, did tons of research, and waited a year before filing.

I have to admit that I was hesitant upon my first visit with Mr. Bordeaux - his office was a bit scattered and not the typical gazillion dollar desk and pictures of fox hunting on the walls LOL. I wasn't sure what this meant, but of course i was already there, so i was definately giving him a chance.

His rate was very competitive, and that was attractive of course, but what i kept going back to was his absolute thoroughness in answering all questions i had, including being up to speed with median income levels changing and advising me appropriately. He was very open and honest and real. I had taken lists of questions and after i left, emailed him more questions (all of which he patiently answered) and continued to email him here and there with questions over the course of the year it took me to decide to file my bankruptcy. Throughout this entire time, he was nothing but helpful and professional - the patience of a saint!

I've filed and had my hearing and i can honestly say i have full confidence in Mr. Bordeaux and his abilities, i have found him to be accurate and just a top-class act; he worked with me and advised me in such a way that my whole experience was effortless and worry-free!

Don't worry about the fancy office - worry about someone who actually cares enough and loves his work enough to invest his time into knowing the laws and continually researching and educating himself. I found when getting down to the nitty gritty, that a lot of the bigger firms file a chap 7 for you, even using deductions that are no longer legally allowed, knowing that they are paid whether you are discharged with the chap 7 or end up having to convert to a chap 13. Some firms have a 30% conversion rate! I don't know about you, but i want to know that i'm filing correctly and don't have to worry about an unexpected outcome!

I don't hesitate to recomment Mr. Bordeaux - he really proved himself to me, and as a very discerning person, that says a lot. He's all about business and doing it right, showed up to my hearing on time, and still to this day, responds quickly to any emailed questions I have.

A+++ and thank you Mr. Bordeaux (and Daisy - his excellent paralegal!).

– Karen

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